Reliable accounting system is an essential part of transparency and accountability of zakat institutions. Notably, good accounting practice is required to make an institutional decision for internal parties. For external parties, transparent accounting is required to evaluate the performance of the institution. Nevertheless, Indonesia is in a need to develop zakat accountancy guidance in order to accommodate an advanced report. Therefore, currently, zakat institutions need a zakat guidance to implement standardized and better zakat system.

In conjunction with the aspiration to develop the zakat accounting system in Indonesia, Puskas BAZNAS collaborates with academicians to formulate zakat accounting guidelines book for zakat institutions. Before getting published, Puskas BAZNAS conducted some Focus Group Discussions. In the first stage, FGD was organized with practitioners from the financial and operational division of BAZNAS that have implemented regulation related to Baznas (PerBAZNAS) which is an official regulation and is required to be complied by all zakat institutions in Indonesia. Furthermore, FGD will be conducted with external parties such as practitioners in finance, accounting and academics sectors.

FGD was conducted on wednesday (08/04/2020) via online for more than three hours. This FGD was attended by Members and leaders of BAZNAS with the authors of the book who are academicians. Additionally, Puskas BAZNAS as the initiator of the book organized the FGD. Puskas BAZNAS was represented by the director of Puskas and Strategic Research team as the moderator of FGD. The FGD was fruitful and produced many input and suggestions that will contribute to an advanced zakat accountancy guidance.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS