On Monday (27/04/2020) that is also the fourth day in Ramadan, Puskas BAZNAS and IPB University conducted an online meeting to discuss the plan of Islamic Economics Winter Courses (IEWC). This meeting was attended by the Research Strategic 2 team from Puskas BAZNAS and Department of Ekonomi Syariah from IPB University.

The meeting’s discussion was about the contingency strategy of IEWC that probably will be arranged via an online platform due to Covid-19. Consequently, there are issues for a program that is conducted online and also internationally, such as the different time zone between speakers, participants and the committees. Therefore, there is an urgency to adjust the rundown of the program, the timeline, budget and speakers.

Despite the change, the lecture in this program will be equal to 3 GPAs (Grade Point Average) under the college system in Indonesia and hence it is expected that this program will assist the academic participants to comprehend the Islamic economics. Furthermore, the arrangement of lecture will combine the theoretical and practical perspectives so the participants can enjoy the holistic understanding of the subject.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS