DEPOK – Giving zakat is  a part of worship commanded by Allah SWT. The national Board of Zakat (Baznas) Depok City socialize understanding about zakat to zakat payers (Muzaki).

vice Chairman II Distribution and Utilization division, Abdul Ghofar, conveyed that Depok in effort towards revival of zakat continue to be implemented strategic steps through strategic policy by increasing public trust toward the institutions of Baznas Depok.

"Zakat purifies wealth, brings blessing and raises the dignity. understanding of zakat will be socialized massively in our community," she explained when the inauguration of zakat collector unit (UPZ) at Graha Insan Cita, District Sukmajaya, Depok, on Tuesday (07/03/2017).

He said that Baznas Depok policy direction in line with Depok development priorities, namely improving the quality of human resources through public awareness in implementing the values of religion, particularly through the optimization of the management of zakat, infaq and sodaqah.

“We have prepared several strategic programs. they are family welfare program through the construction of home inhabitable in 2017. there were 11 houses and public economy empowerment, such as growing and developing an entrepreneurial spirit to the younger generation," he explained.

for increasing of zakat payers, especially the zakat mal or profession, Baznas Depok hope that all the civilian state apparatus (ASN) Depok City pay zakat 2.5 percent of their salary.

We have conducted a partnership to the Head of Department (OPD) in Depok, both the socialization of zakat understanding and the collection of zakat on each UPZ, "added Ghofar.

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