The World Zakat Forum (WZF) International Youth Symposium 2020 which conducted on Saturday (5/16) and Sunday (5/17), was officially attended by more than 70 leaders of zakat organizations from 16 countries. The symposium raises the theme; "The Role of Millennials in The Global Zakat Movement".

These four resolutions lead to the formation of the WZF Youth Organization or WZF Youth as an organization for young amil professionals in the world to be part of the real movement. So that such an organization is expected to maximize the potential of global zakat.

"The World Zakat Forum (WZF) Secretariat has pioneered the WZF Youth 2020 Symposium for the first time in an effort to synergize young amil from all over the world. This has also been approved by the Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General of the WZF, "said Irfan Syauqi Beik, in a discussion session with the Secretary-General of the WZF, which was broadcast live on BAZNAS TV Youtube channel, Sunday (5/17).

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Irfan continued, the WZF Youth symposium has become part of history, which was held online with around 70 young delegates from 16 WZF member countries participating.

"This symposium is a sign of the potential of young Amil professionals in the world to be involved in the real global zakat movement," said Irfan.

This resolution was then presented by the representative of the WZF Youth 2020 Symposium, Randi Swandaru. Following are the Four Resolutions of the WZF Youth International Symposium 2020:

  1. Urging the formation of WZF Youth organization as a legal platform for young ‘amil professionals to share their ideas and experiences. This is to be initiated formally in the upcoming World Zakat Forum Annual Meeting and International Conference.
  2. Proposing the establishment of WZF Youth as a subsidiary institution of the World Zakat Forum aiming at strengthening the role and the network of young amil professionals as an endeavour to optimize the global zakat potential.
  3. Recommending a leadership position as deputy secretary-general of the World Zakat Forum representing youth amil in order to accommodate growing dynamics of worldwide zakat management.
  4. Calling all WZF member countries and member institutions to strengthen the role of zakat during this Covid-19 pandemic era.

The discussion of this resolution was the main objective of the WZF International Youth Symposium 2020. The event was closed directly by the secretary-general of WZF Prof. Dr Bambang Sudibyo, MBA, CA.

"The distinguished speakers and all participants have discussed relevant issues relating to the zakat movement by young amil professionals, academics, researchers, and other youth stakeholders". In the end, this symposium agreed on a declaration about the formation of WZF Youth," he said.

"I ask the WZF Executive Secretary, Irfan Syauqi Beik to arrange the official adoption process of WZF Youth at this year's annual WZF meeting. Hopefully, the adoption process will be approved at the annual meeting later, "Bambang concluded.