On Thursday, June 5 2020 Puskas BAZNAS along with the Ministry of Religous Affaris held a meeting to discuss further matters regarding the mechanism for the Shariah Compliance Index Survey. Prior to the meeting, Puskas BAZNAS has held several pilot projects to test the reliability and applicability of the index. These pilot projects resulted in a more robust index and questionnare.

The initial plan was to implement the Shariah Compliance Index throughout the entire nation and directly collect the data. However, due to the current situation of the pandemic in Indonesia which shows no sign of decline, the survey will be held through online platforms. Therefore due to these changes, the initial plan created by Puskas BAZNAS and the Ministry of Religous Affairs must adapt to the ‘new normal’ in Indonesia.

The meeting resulted in the decision for the survey to be fully implemented online. The training of the enumerators will also be held online and will be supervised by the Regional Offices of the Ministry of Religious Affaris. The results of the survey will also be held online if the pandemic does not reside, but if the pandemic shows a decline in number the results will be presented in a offline FGD with limited guests to maintain physical distancing and safe measures.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS