On Friday, May 29 2020 Puskas BAZNAS along with stakeholders held a meeting to discuss the publication of the Financial Rasio of Zakat Management Instituions Book. This book was created after Puskas BAZNAS held a research regarding the financial ratio of various Zakat Management Institutions. The goal of the research is to analyze the financial ratio of each Zakat Management Institution as a form of evaluation for these institutions to further improve their performance.

Among the participants who attended the meeting were Wahyu TT Kuncahyo, Dyah Rudati Andayani, Efri S Bahri, and Iwan Ginda. The meeting was held through Google Meets. The meeting discussed the various points of views from the stakeholders regarding matters of the publication of the Financial Ratio Book. Matters regarding the classification, wording, and categorization within the book were among several points discussed during the meeting.

The meeting resulted in several revisions that must be made by Puskas BAZNAS and their partner. The revisions will be further discussed by Puskas BAZNAS and hope to finish the revisions by mid June. The book is expected to help further improve zakat management across the nation.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS