The world has been facing the consequences of COVID-19. Such an impact has been disadvantageous, notably that of the economic consequences. This sector has been impacted the most by the new coronavirus. We have seen and experiencing how countries in the world have been implementing their control measures.

In Malaysia, the local government has implemented its lockdown with its term Movement Control Order (MCO). This MCO aims at preventing the COVID-19 spread across the country. Recently, such a control measure of Malaysia has been claimed to be successful in flattening the COVID-19 curve in the country. Of course, such implementation of MCO in Malaysia has led to many consequences, like in other countries.

In addition, Malaysia has been leading the global practice of Islamic finance. Such success of Malaysia’s MCO is thus worth a discussion moreover Malaysia has played a significant role in the global development of Islamic finance, including Islamic social finance. The recent web series of Puskas BAZNAS has addressed this topic of Islamic Social Finance and COVID-19 Management in Malaysia.  

That is, the virtual talk has elaborated the knowledge about Malaysia’s MCO in general. It also educated the public with relevant information about Malaysia’s success in MCO. Furthermore, the speaker also explained the issues related to MCO implementation that has authentically occurred during Malaysia’s MCO and the recent practice of Islamic social finance in general, notably in Malaysia during COVID-19 pandemic. What’s more important, the administration of zakat in Malaysia during COVID-19 pandemic is elucidated. The web series can be accessed in this link.