Lagi, Baznas Raih Predikat

The National Board of Zakat Republic of Indonesia (BAZNAS) Financial Statements of 2019 gains a clean report of auditor opinion. The audit process of the financial statements could be completed amid the difficult technical implementation process due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The auditor team visits to the distribution point and management of the Zakat Collecting Unit (UPZ) must be done with extra caution during this pandemic. It really takes time in the audit process for this year audit period.

The opinion of a clean report from the auditor; “that has been a tradition of BAZNAS since it was founded in 2001 to gain this clean report". It is the highest predicate in the audit of financial statements of public accounting firms.

BAZNAS’s recent financial performance of 2019 is audited by the independent auditor of the Public Accounting Firm (KAP) AR Utomo. The submission of the financial statement audit was attended by the Chairman of BAZNAS, Bambang Sudibyo, Managing Partner of the Public Accounting Firm (KAP) AR Utomo, Ahmad Toha and was moderated by the Director of BAZNAS, M Arifin Purwakananta, through the platform online which is broadcasted live in the BAZNAS TV Youtube channel on Tuesday (9/6). 
"We have audited thoroughly and stated that the 2019 BAZNAS financial statements were made or presented properly," Ahmad Toha said. Meanwhile, Bambang Sudibyo expressed his gratitude that BAZNAS was able to regain the same title as it had obtained in the previous year. According to him, the opinion of a clear report in the financial statements is evidenced by the management of zakat, infaq, and alms (ZIS) funds collected by BAZNAS that have followed the existing regulations.

“Alhamdulillah, through hard work and good cooperation from the Commissioners, Directors, Secretaries and all amil and amilat in various lines, we are able to repeat the same achievements in continuing the clear report in the 2019 financial statements”, Bambang said.

BAZNAS Director of Compliance and Internal Audit, Mochammad Ichwan added that BAZNAS Financial Reports have been prepared and presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in Indonesia established by the Indonesian Institute of Accountants, specifically Statement of Financial Accounting Standards (PSAK) number 109 concerning accounting for Zakat, Infaq, and Alms (ZIS).

“All information in the Baznas Financial Report has been presented completely and correctly,” concluded Ichwan. This is translated from here.