On June 9, 2020, a seminar on the effectiveness of the Zakat Campaign towards the Brand and Zakat Collection was published via BAZNAS TV youtube. The seminar was started with opening and key remarks from the President Director of the National Zakat Board, Muhammad Arifin Purwakananta and the Director of the Center for Strategic Studies, Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal. Furthermore, the presentation of the research was delivered by Ali Chamani Al Anshory with the host Siti Maulida Adhiningsih.

This study uses a survey to observe people's perception on the campaign and brand of BAZNAS. This survey was conducted in Greater Jakarta which consist of five domiciles, namely Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi. The research gathered 395 respondents that were selected by a purposive sampling method based on the age of millennial and non-millennial generations, as well as job classifications that are generally found in these five regions, namely academics, civil servants, private employees, entrepreneurs, and housewives. The survey was analyzed descriptively, then the data collected was processed with a regression test to see the linear relationship between the variables studied, namely the zakat campaign, brand awareness, brand image and zakat decision. 

Conclusions and recommendations are discussed at the end of this seminar. At least there are two improvements that could be observed by zakat institutions such as intensifying campaigns with creative and informative content and also delivers the Zakat campaign with the media that are found as the most preferred by society, aiming that the message can spread more widely.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS