On Friday, June 26 2020 Puskas BAZNAS held a closed online publication to present the results of the Financial Ratio of Zakat Management Institutions. The research started from February 2020 and studied the financial reports of 50 Zakat Management Institutions across Indonesia. The goal of the research was to evaluate the performance and financial management of the participating zakat management institutions and increase their previous performance in the coming year.

      The event was a closed publication, therefore only those who were invited were able to participate in the publication. The results were presented by Ibu  Patria Yunita, M.Si. who is a consultant and partner for Puskas BAZNAS. The presentation presented the results of analysis for 30 out of 50 zakat management institutions, which corresponded to the number of participants of the publication.

       Several members of the BAZNAS commissioner were also attended the event. The event was held through two-way communication, therefore Puskas BAZNAS was able to obtain feedback from the participants. The specific results of every Zakat Management Institution (ZMI) will be sent to each corresponding ZMI. The Financial Ratio book is expected to be published in July 2020. This book will only give a general overview of the analysis results.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS