On Monday, July 13 2020 Puskas BAZNAS held an online FGD discussing the development of the Zakatnomics Development Index. Zakatnomics generally is a movement of awareness to develop a new economic order to achieve happiness, balance, and honor based on the foundations and spirit of zakat and shariah. The discussion aims to evaluate and observe the role of zakat activites from the collection of zakat, distribution dynamics up to the empowerment of mustahik and the effects towards a vast economic scale.

The FGD held through the Zoom application and invited speakers are including Dr. Irfan Syauqi Beik the Director of Distribution and Utilization BAZNAS RI; Arifin Purwakananta CEO of BAZNAS; and Ir. Nana Mintarti Commissioner of BAZNAS RI. The three guest speakers contributed their views and suggestions on the development of the Zakatnomics Development Index. Several of their views and suggestions were regarding the matter of creating awareness towards the new economic order to achieve happiness through Maqasid Shariah , assessment associated with the implementation and purpose of the people and the Zakat Index to picture a better life  and eradicate stigmatization of religion. Measuring the direction of the economy and how Sharia Economics can run in the lives of various regions and sectors of distribution in order to avoid the incline of poor economic households.

The Zakatnomics Development Index will continue to be developed and  improved by Puskas BAZNAS. This index is expected to determine a reliable measurement for each dimension and variable that will become a reliable, valid and easily applicable measurement tool.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS