COVID-19 which strikes all over the world, including Indonesia, has forced employees and businesses to change the way they operate. Likewise with the training of IZN and IKSOPZ implementation in West Sumatra Province which was previously planned to be conducted in-person with the participants, is now conducted online. Nevertheless, this situation does not change the spirit and essence of the purposes of the study. The training was attended by representatives from 20 BAZNAS and 1 LAZ in the Province of West Sumatra. The meeting began with remarks by the Vice Chairman of BAZNAS, West Sumatra Province, Dr. Drs. H. Sobhan, MA and followed by the concepts and technical discussion from Puskas BAZNAS. The use of website-based questionnaires of National Zakat Index (IZN) and Zakat Impact is newly introduced in this training.

In the previous study, it is known that conditions of zakat institution management for West Sumatra Province increased from 0.44 in 2018 with a fairly good category to 0.59 in 2019 with a good category. The recommendations from these results are improvement related to the completeness of the database and OPZ institutional management and escalation the impact of zakat. In addition, Shariah Compliance Index for Zakat Management Organisations (IKSOPZ), a collaborative study between BAZNAS and the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag), is also new for this training. Therefore the result of IKSOPZ is not yet known at the moment considering this is the first year of implementation. All of participants expect that the results of the IZN study, Zakat Impact Assessment  (Kaji Dampak), IKSOPZ will get positive results and provide improvements for the management of zakat institutions in West Sumatra.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS