On Wednesday (22/07/2020) Puskas BAZNAS has conducted socialization and training program about using application National Zakat Index (IZN), Shariah Compliance Index Zakat Management Organization (IKSOPZ), and Transparency Index (ITRANS) with all leaders and representatives of the Regional (province and city/district) BAZNAS in Aceh. There are 20 participants attended this training via Zoom online platform. Participants will be in charge for their respective BAZNAS to collect data for IZN, IKSOPZ and ITRANS OPZ.

This training was held in three sessions. The first session, the panellist discussed the results IZN 2019 in Aceh Province. The second session was sharing in regard to fill out the IZN-KDZ questionnaire using the website. The last session discussed technical guidance on filling out the questionnaire of IKSOPZ&ITRANS OPZ. This application is an innovation from PUSKAS Baznas to increase the participation of zakat institutions in reporting their performance and zakat impact on mustahik/beneficiaries. Therefore, by using this training, it is expected that the performance of zakat management can be monitored accurately and continously.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS