On Friday (24/7/2020) Puskas BAZNAS held a virtual training on the implementation of National Zakat Index (IZN) and Shariah Compliance Index for Zakat Institutions (IKSOPZ) in the Jambi Province. The training was attended by the representatives of BAZNAS Jambi Province, BAZNAS city/district, and other Zakat Institutions in Jambi with total participants  of 21 people.

Different with the previous year, this year the training was held online through Zoom platform due to COVID-19 pandemic. The event was offically opened with a welcoming speech from the Chairman of BAZNAS Jambi Province, H. Hasan Basri, SH. Followed by a welcoming speech from BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies Director Dr. Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal. The agenda continued with explanation on the procedures of filling out the IZN and IKZOPZ questionnaires.

The training for IZN was presented by Ulfah Lathifah, B.Sc, while the training for Shariah Compliance Index was presented by Hidayaneu Farchatunnisa, SE. The implementation of IZN and IKSOPZ survey will run throughout July until August 2020.   


Rep: Puskas News