On Wednesday (29/07/2020), Puskas BAZNAS held a training for National Zakat Index (IZN), Shariah Compliance Index for Zakat Management Organizations (IKSOPZ), as well as Transparency Index (ITRANS OPZ) for all Regional BAZNAS Representatives (Provinces and Regency/City) Maluku. Totally, there are 15 participants that took part in this training which was conducted online via Zoom application. Participants are representatives of each BAZNAS and will conduct collecting data on IZN, IKSOPZ and ITRANS OPZ.

This training was held in two sessions. The first session discussed the results and impact of the 2019 IZN measurement in Maluku Province and the the procedure in filling training IZN-KDZ questionnaire using a website application. This session was led by Ms. Siti Maulida Adhiningsih. The second session discussed about IKSOPZ and ITRANS OPZ as well as the technical filling in the IKSOPZ and ITRANS OPZ questionnaires that was led by Mr. Abdul Aziz Yahya Saoqi.

This indexes that are socialized among BAZNAS, are expected to increase the participation of zakat institutions in reporting their performance and assess the impact on mustahik/beneficiaries. Therefore, it is hoped that the performance of zakat management can be monitored accurately and continously.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS