On Wednesday (07/29), BAZNAS Center for Strategic Studies (Puskas BAZNAS) held a training on the use of NZI for all BAZNAS representatives in Central Java Province. This year, Puskas BAZNAS introduced a new collaborative study between BAZNAS and Ministry of Religious Affairs, namely the Shariah Compliance Index for Zakat Management Organizations. In addition, Puskas also provide a new version of NZI’s Application. The application allows user to input their NZI data via website. By utilising this new platform, Puskas BAZNAS expecting that data related to NZI and Impact of Zakat can be collected easier from every BAZNAS in Indonesia.

The training was divided into three sessions. The first session was the presentation of the NZI result in 2019 in Central Java by Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal, Ph.D. (Director of Puskas BAZNAS). In the second session, Mr. Adhitya Kusuma Zaenardi (Junior Researcher) trained participant to use NZI and Zakat Impact application. The last session was ended with a presentation from Ms. Arwa Violaditya R (Junior Researcher). She explained the Shariah Compliance Index for Zakat Management Organizations and the Transparency Index.

Overall, the virtual training was successfully held in Central Java Province, though in amid COVID-19 outbreak. Each representative of BAZNAS took the training very seriously. Hopefully, in 2020 all BAZNAS in Central Java Province can fully contribute in measuring the NZI and Shariah Compliance Index for Zakat Management Organizations.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS