On Monday (4/8/2020) Puskas BAZNAS organized a training session for the  Enumerators of IKSOPZ and ITrans OPZ training with Ministry of Religious Affairs of Republic Indonesia. The aim of the implementation of IKSOPZ is to accuratelymeasure the level of Sharia compliance of  Zakat  Management Institutions , and conducting a comprehensive analysis of the results in order to create comprehensive recommendations for stakeholders to make policies based on data results of the Shariah Compliance Index dimensions such as the management aspect, zakat collection, zakat distribution dan zakat regulation. Furthermore,  the Transparency Index is the first ever measurement tool which measures the transparency in zakat management in the world which consist of several dimensions such as  finance transparency, Management Transparency and Program Transparency.

Sharia Compliance Index and Transparency Index Training was conducted via Zoom application and attended by Enumerators from 34 provinces. That training was opened with a speech by H. Muhammad Fuad Nasar S.Sos, M.Sc. Zakat and Wakaf Empowerment Director Religion Ministry of Republic Indonesia and followed by a welcoming speec from the Dirctor of Puskas BAZNAS Dr. Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal. During the  training the Enumerators were given explanations regarding their assignment as Enumerator which consists of  Follow up to Zakat Management Institutions regarding their questionnaire fulfillment and data analysis through the assigned Dashboard. There was also an explanation regarding several important documents that must  sent by the Enumerators.

Puskas BAZNAS expects to achieve a concrete Shariah Compliance  through  this agenda.The implementation of this survey with the Enumerator will be implemented throughout  August 4 2020 until August 21 2020.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS