On Wednesday (24/9/2020), Puskas BAZNAS held an online FGD discussing the Zakatnomics Development Index which was opened by the MC of Puskas BAZNAS Strategic Research Team 1 Hidayaneu Farchatunnisa, SE. This was then continued by a presentation of the results of the revision of the previous FGD by Maulana Hamzah which was then continued with a discussion led by Dr. Irfan Syauqi Beik. The FGD was also  attended by the Director of Puskas BAZNAS Dr. Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal, Head of Strategic Research Team 1 of Puskas BAZNAS  Abdul Aziz Yahya Syauqi, M.Sc and several interns.

The discussion discussed the finalization of the preparation of the Zakatnomics Development Index . The Zakatnomics Development Index are divided into 4 pillars namely: faith, productivity, economic justice, and zakat institutions. The main purpose of the Zakatnomics Development Index is to measure the social welfare of society which is based on a strong Islamic philosophy. There were several input that was given by Dr. Irfan Syauqi Beik  mainly related to the philosophy behind the Zakatnomics Development Index . This will be a consideration for improvement and for further development of the Zakatnomics Development Index .

This index is still in the stage of development and has not yet been implemented. Further on, the indicators of this index will be weighted by several experts. The results of this index will then be tested for reliability through a Pilot Project . This index is expected to be published in September 2020.