On Monday, October 12 2020 Puskas BAZNAS held a meeting discussing the further actions on Zakat Financial rasio. The meeting was opened by the Head of Puskas BAZNAS Strategic Research 1 Abdul Aziz Yahya Syauqi, M.Sc and attended by Mr. Gustani as well as staff and interns.

The meeting discussed the further actions that would be taken by the authors regarding the publishing of the results of the Financial Ratio research. The measurement of the financial ratio was participated by a total of 50 Zakat Management Institutions which were than clustered and were measured by their average per province. The measurements are based on three main clusters which consist of the Dupont analysis (average industrial value of zakat), Zakat Instituional Health Index, and Performance Ratio Analysis of Zakat Indonesian Zakat Industries.

The decision of using the Dupont Analysis within the published book is still under the team’s consideration and is to be further be discussed. There have been several points that after reevaluation, have been considered to be revised by the author team. Therefore, the initial deadline of the RKOPZ publishing which was initially in July is to be postponed. This is so that the team can revise several points that have been taken into consideration and for a more precise and accountable published Financial Ratio Book.       


Rep:Puskas BAZNAS