Last week, the coordinator of the ZMART in Depok, Adi Kusuma Bakti, examining the impact of zakat distribution. Of the entrepreneurs, the mini stall which is operated in SMP Segar Rt 01/02 Sukamaju, Cilodong Sub-District, Depok City, is assessed. There is no visitor sighted during the assessment.

The assessment includes monitoring and interview with the entrepreneur conducted by amils of Lembaga Pemberdayaan Ekonomi Mustahik (Empowerment division of BAZNAS – LPEM). The assessment aspect focuses on the mustahik business before assisted and following the empowerment process. During the assessment, the coordinator motivates the entrepreneurs and training for business development.

The impact examines survey ZMART program’s indeed regularly done for the mustahik who has been running for more than 6 months. This is necessary to measure the extent to which the mustahik business development can be achieved as long as assistance is carried out. Like a goals indicator the companion can be seen from business development, group activities, and the spiritual condition of the accompanied mustahik. With the implementation of this impact assessment, it is hoped that LPEM will be able to follow up quickly and accurately when mustahik obstacles are found.