Among the most prized pleasures is one's love for science. It opens horizons and all kinds of emptiness are filled with knowledge. The oceans that can be navigated with science.

BAZNAS Mualaf Center continues to strive Istiqomah to continue to accompany converts to be close to science so that increased insight can accompany them in navigating the oceans of life. The ongoing and explored implementation of mentoring and coaching programs for converts is aimed at instilling a sense of love for Islam. Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah SWT, prayers and greetings to the noble Prophet Muhammad, so that the preaching can excite the treatises that teach him to make life feel happy and blessed.

"Morning is bright, always shining for those of us who want to spread goodness. There is always hope for those who always try to kind, there is always a way from every difficulty and there is always a meaning behind the test of life, "said the BAZNAS Da'i Mualaf Center, ustadz Mahmud Ismail, in the opening of the coaching activity.

On Sunday (11/10/2020) morning, was the most enjoyable day for converts BAZNAS Center group III of Muntei Village, South Siberut District, Mentawai Regency, because they gathered at the Al-Quds Mosque to study Islam. This can be seen by their early arrival and not forget that their very young children also attended to listen.

Ustadz Ramdhani Sa'adillah, Da'i Mualaf Center BAZNAS, greeted and delivered the introduction to the event and started the material with prayer readings. On this day also the convicted converts practice prayers which are divided into three groups. It can be seen that the women who are assisted by the converts are so happy and excited to move forward so they can pass the prayer test that Da'i held to measure the ability of converts.

The Da'i explained that coaching activities regarding prayer practices were carried out well. Each of the BAZNAS coaches has come forward, they seem happy after completing the prayer practice.

"It is hoped that mothers can always pray every day, those who have not memorized the prayer readings can continue to learn, God willing, with sincerity and Istiqomah will further add to their love for always praying," said Ustadz Ramdhani after completing prayer practice coaching.

After that, the coaching program was continued with filling out the Mustahik Service Assessment by new converts and continued with the Zakat Impact Assessment interview as the basis for measuring the impact of zakat distribution for BAZNAS mustahik. Therefore, in this session, Ustadz Ramdhani again gave directions on how to fill in.