There is something different from the implementation of the zakat impact assessment of BAZNAS Program in 2020. To improve the quality of measurement and distribution of mustahik samples, this year the Zakat Impact Assessment of BAZNAS Program was carried out in 34 provinces in Indonesia.

The wide range of the survey made it possible for the BAZNAS program institutions to use the enumerators they assigned to 34 provinces in Indonesia. The enumerators were given online training on 24 September 2020. The training material provided is a technical survey to assess the impact of zakat, a manual for filling out a physical questionnaire, and a guide for filling out the 2020 impact assessment application questionnaire.

More than 70 participants who were scattered as enumerators for program institutions throughout Indonesia participated in this zakat impact assessment training with great enthusiasm. Hopefully, this training can improve the quality of the 2020 Zakat Impact Assessment.