On Wednesday (2/10/2020) The Virtual Training of Zakat Impact Assessment for BAZNAS’s Program institution was successfully conducted by BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies. The training was attended by all ten program institutions and public services. The ten program institutions are LPEM, ZCD, BMFi, LPPM, LAB, BTB, RSBI, MCB, SCB, and LBB. This training aims to provide an overview of the importance of assessing the zakat impact in each BAZNAS’ program institutions and public services in measuring the extent to which the benefits of zakat are realized by mustahik. The new application for inputting zakat impact assessment data was introduced in detail, step by step. Starting from preparing the surveys, interviewing the mustahik to inputting the data to the application.

The training to assess the impact of BAZNAS’s program institutions and public services is different from the previous year, which this time was conducted virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All participants were so enthusiastic about the assessment tools presented by Puskas. Puskas BAZNAS hopes that the implementation of zakat impact assessments of BAZNAS’ program institutions will continue to be successful during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS