Indonesia’s zakat outlook (OZI) 2021 that is published during Puskas BAZNAS’s public-expose 2020, highlights at least four main points as opportunities and challenges for zakat in 2021. What are they?

The digital transformation in zakat institutions is discussed as both challenge and opportunity for zakat management in 2021.

As pandemic COVID-19 occurs that causes a global recession, the use of technology in the administration of zakat thus becomes necessary. The OZI 2021 at least highlights the step in the application of blockchain technology for zakat institutions. Such adoption is deemed essential in providing trust for the zakat stakeholders.

Furthermore, the millennial age group is specifically addressed as Indonesia’s zakat opportunity in 2021. Zakat from this age group depicts a significant potential and such potential is an opportunity for zakat institutions to be considered in 2021.

However, as the global economy turns down due to the COVID-19 recession, therefore it is going to be the greatest challenge for zakat management in 2021. The collaboration among the stakeholders is important to face this challenge. The OZI 2021 can be read here.