What would be the trend of zakat and philanthropy in 2021? This is a relevant question to the recent circumstances given the unprecedented time of COVID-19 is still occurring.

The Outlook of Zakat Indonesia 2021 (OZI 2021) that provides a summary of zakat management in 2020, details the information of zakat statistics, the strategic study of zakat and the encounters as well as the prospects of zakat this year.

The publication of this report is expected to have its wider audience on 13/01/2021 at 8 pm Jakarta local time. The newly appointed commissioner of the National Board of Zakat Republic of Indonesia (BAZNAS RI), Rizaludin Kurniawan, expects his first public appearance on a virtual event; Special Talks, to elaborate more on this OZI 2021.     

The most notable discussion of OZI 2021 is the elaboration of zakatnomics. it is discussed the idea of ​​zakatnomics, in general, starting from zakat management activities, challenges and zakat opportunities as well as the synergy and collaboration of zakat stakeholders in handling the Covid-19 pandemic. OZI in Bahasa version can be accessed here.