Fahmi Ali Hudaefi, a researcher at the Center of Strategic Studies the National Board of Zakat (Puskas BAZNAS), has published his work titled; Digital zakāh campaign in time of Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia: a netnographic study, in the Journal of Islamic marketing published by Emerald Insight.

The work employs a case study to select BAZNAS RI for a detailed discussion of a zakat organisation and employs a netnographic approach to sample the number of 549 posts from BAZNAS RI’s social media, which are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

In general, Hudaefi’s work establishes the Islamic marketing theory derived from industrial practices, explaining that the inclusiveness of digital contents is critical in activating zakat as a religious obligation that authentically shapes the social and economic processes of a Muslim community. 

The study offers the novelty in at least two ways to the discourse of Islamic marketing in the Islamic social finance industry. Hudaefi’s work can be accessed here.