We are pleased to share IJAZ Vol 6 No 1 publication. Our recent issue provides relevant articles that discuss global zakat management. The first article employs an Enterprise Risk Management with the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations approach of the Treadway Commission (COSO) modification (ERM-COSO modified) to identify risk of ‘amil governance. How such risk issues of ‘amil is practically important to identify? Please find out more about this article here.

The second article uses VOSviewer bibliometric measurement to study zakat literature in the Scopus database. How is the development of zakat discourse in such database? You are pleased to read the full article here

The Covid-19 outbreak has been challenging for zakat management. The third article concerns on this issue by using the Analytic Network Process (ANP) so as to study the prospects of Zakat as Tax Credit in a New Normal Covid-19 Period. How can we understand such prospects? Do read the full article here.

Furthermore, the fourth article is titled; Religiosity, Literacy, Income, and Accessibility to Awareness in Professional Zakah Payment: A Quantitative Study. The study uses regression analysis to investigate the subject matters. What are the results? You are pleased to read the article here.

The fifth article concerns on the sustainability of continuous zakat distribution in Malaysia’s context. The study brings a case study of wakalah contract in zakat distribution by Pelaburan Hartanah Berhad (PHB) Company. Do read this article here to understand more on this issue.

The last article is titled; The Relationship among Zakat Maal, Altruism and Work Life Quality: A Quantitative Analysis. You may read more about this article here.

Please be informed that we are also conducting IJAZ Calls for Papers for our upcoming Volume 6 Issues 2 and more with our Special Editor Prof. Dr Mohammad Kabir Hassan (University of New Orleans). The topics of interest include all related to Zakat and COVID-19 but not limited to:
• The contribution of zakat to mitigate the COVID-19 impacts
• Factors influence the Muzakki to pay zakat and donate during the pandemic
• Innovation in zakat administration during the pandemic
• Case studies of zakat institution during the pandemic
• Other topic related to zakat and COVID-19

Please submit your article here: https://ijazbaznas.com/index.php/journal/about/submissions
Please note the important dates:
• Full paper deadline will be on 5April 2021
• Acceptance Notification is expected on 26 May 2021 and a USD100 will be rewarded to the corresponding author whose paper is accepted.