On December 31, 2020, Puskas BAZNAS published the Zakatnomics Development Index Book. This publishing is the result of a collaboration between Puskas BAZNAS and Smart Consulting.

The concept of Zakatnomics itself is a movement to spread awareness regarding the development of a new economic system for humans to achieve spiritual and material balance and happiness. The Zakatnomics Development Index consists of 4 main pillars meant to reflect human life’s spiritual and physical needs. Zakatnomics itself does not mean to define an Islamic economic system; instead, it reflects zakat as an instrument of the economy.

Therefore, the Zakatnomics Development Index is a measurement tool to achieve social welfare through zakat according to the Index’s four main pillars. This research is meant to explore the development of the dimensions and variables of Zakatnomics through the mixed-method approach. Puskas BAZNAS, along with its partners, hopes that this book’s publishing can help all zakat stakeholders, including the general public to achieve spiritual and economic welfare.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS