In the final week of January 2021, BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies conducted its Annual Meeting 2021. The institution raised its topic; Advocacy of Policy and Developing Based Zakat Research towards the new era of zakat in Indonesia.

The meeting aims to accelerate the vision and mission of Puskas BAZNAS in line with the vision and mission of BAZNAS RI.  The establishment of Puskas BAZNAS aims to support zakat agency. Hence, it will be focused on assisting the development of zakat institutions, moreover in becoming a trusted institution of zakat, accountable based on research findings.  

Puskas BAZNAS sets an objective to be the centre of data for Indonesia’s zakat administration and centre for zakat researches addressing the current issue of zakat. It is thus managing documentation, administration and publication of zakat studies for the public, and giving advocacy and policy towards developing in zakat based on research findings.

The annual meeting 2021 is opened by the Director of BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies, Dr Muhammad Habsi Zaenal. He first delivered the report of strategies research planned in the year 2021. One of the studies that would be conducted in 2021 is World Zakat Index, poverty in Indonesia and zakat mapping studies, and also a model of prototype distribution and zakat empowerment.

The program is also attended by BAZNAS Chairman, Prof. Dr Nor Achmad, MA. He discussed with the participants on how research should make an impact on zakat development. During the meeting, The newly appointed BAZNAS Chairman said; in recent years, BAZNAS as the power of ummah, has been managed with fully trusted, hence, BAZNAS has gained several awards and trusts from national and international institutions.

BAZNAS aims to be the leading institution for the ummah to pay zakat and being the first realizing the ummah’s well-being