On Thursday (11/02/2021), the World Zakat Forum (WFZ) Research and Development Unit, Puskas BAZNAS, held a focus group discussion to design a scientific-measurement framework, namely World Zakat Performance Indicators (WZPI).

The meeting was held online through the Zoom Meeting platform and attended by WZF Research and Development Unit, Prof. Kabir Hasan from The New Orleans University USA, Prof. Abdul Ghafar Ismail from Malaysia,  Prof. Abdul Noor Halim from Malaysia, and Dr. Rahmatina A. Kasri from Indonesia. This discussion tries to explore the theoretical framework of zakat management performance both in terms of supervisory and internal zakat management. Miss Astika Rahmah Ghanny led the meeting as Master of Ceremony. She addressed Mr Abdul Aziz Yahya Saoqi, MSc to deliver a speech to begin the meeting with a brief presentation of the World Zakat Performance Indicators. 

After Abdul Aziz Yahya Saoqi, MSc. explained his presentation, then started a discussion session of the four speakers who gave their respective perspectives to the World Zakat Performance Indicators (WZPI) model proposed. The 1-hour discussion ended with a key point: the proposed index shall be made easier and attract people to participate and collaborate.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS