Thursday (11/02), Puskas BAZNAS was invited by Andrew Cunningham, a United Kingdom consultant. Recently, Mr. Andrew has been assigned to support the development of Zakat system in Mauritania, Africa. Mr. Andrew has been doing a lot of research on Zakat and informed that BAZNAS has been the pioneer on the zakat management system. It interests him to understand more about how BAZNAS works.

Mr. Andrew has five key points about BAZNAS works, primarily; (1) to understand BAZNAS structure, (2) how BAZNAS define zakah, (3) to understand whether Zakat is compulsory or voluntary in Indonesia, (4) how Zakat distributed, and (5) ) how another legal authority is involved in the zakat system in Indonesia. Abdul Aziz Yahya Saoqi, MSc as a Manager of Puskas BAZNAS, tries to acknowledge all the questions that Mr. Andrew needs to know.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS