Puskas BAZNAS is currently working on a research study entitled National Survey: Campaigns, Trust and BAZNAS Services. National survey aims observing public trust and services by BAZNAS. The results of this survey can assist BAZNAS in measuring the public's perception of the importance of a strategy in terms of credibility and service, and to what extent BAZNAS has succeeded in delivering its performance.

As one of the stages of the research method, Puskas BAZNAS has conducted a focus group discussion or FGD which was attended by BAZNAS Commissioner, Madam Saidah Sakwan, Social Manager Mr. Farid, and Head of Monev Division, Madam Dyah. The discussion which was held on Thursday 25/2/2021 has discussed the research model, starting from the target respondents to the sampling method to be used.

This research is expected to be an evaluation in formulating strategy for all BAZNAS in Indonesia in improving the service system and campaign which will lead wider trust from the public.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS