On Thursday, February 25 2021, Puskas BAZNAS held the second FGD discussing the Corporate Zakat Survey. This second FGD was held as the continuation of the first FGD. This second FGD aimed to evaluate the questionnaire that was created and obtain input from the practitioners and experts regarding the survey.

The FGD was held online through Zoom, and was participated by Rizaludin Kurniawan, S.Ag, M.Si who is one of the BAZNAS commissioner, Bapak Agus Siswanto as the Head of the Corporate Zakat Division, Bapak Faisal Qosim as the head of the Zakat Collection Unit Division, and members from Puskas BAZNAS. The FGD mainly discussed the evaluation of the questionnaire and survey outline and resulted in many inputs towards the questionnaire, specifically regarding the expectations of corporations towards the survey. Since the survey mainly aims to evaluate the performance and services of BAZNAS towards corporations, it is crucial that the survey questions accommodate this matter.

The results of the FGD were fruitful and helpful towards the development of the survey. The survey is expected to initiate in March 2021.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS