ZAWONI or Zakat Wakaf Online Institute as one of the featured programs planned by Puskas Baznas to support inclusive education is currently in the process of discussion and collaboration with third parties. One of the collaborations is offered to Muamalat Institute as one of the e-learning system developers. This interesting discussion was held on Wednesday, March 17, 2021, which was attended by Strategic Research II Division of Puskas BAZNAS, Nur Atikah, Dandi Refangga, Saiful Khoiri, and Dedy Purnomo as representatives of Muamalat Institute.

Muamalat Institute is willing to fully support the development of ZAWONI. MI Learning Solution (MILES) as a learning management system platform offered by Muamalat Institute is a digital-based and cloud database. It also supports synchronous or asynchronous learning methods. The various features such as blended and interactive learning, tests and surveys, online certification, and gamification aim to create an interactive learning ecosystem, flexible teaching, and also increase user engagement.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS