BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies BAZNAS (Puskas BAZNAS) with the Mustahik Farmer Empowerment Institute (LPPM) discussed the Study on the Prototype of BAZNAS Utilization Program on Wednesday (21/4). Puskas BAZNAS conducted this discussion to present a plan for preparing a Study on the Prototype of BAZNAS Utilization Program. This study aims to describe the business model of utilizing BAZNAS through the Livestock Center program and become an inspiration for other institutions in carrying out program replication.

This discussion was held online and attended by the BAZNAS LPPM team and the Puskas BAZNAS team. This discussion began with a presentation from the Puskas BAZNAS team, Aisha Putrina Sari, regarding the BAZNAS Utilization Program Prototype. Then the explanation from the Head of LPPM BAZNAS, Ajat Sudarjat.

Based on the explanation given by the LPPM BAZNAS team, the LPPM BAZNAS empowerment program has the background to solve poverty in rural areas. According to the data presented, the population in poor rural areas increased by 0.41 percent in September 2020 compared to the figures in March 2020. As many as 49.41 percent of the poor in rural areas depend on the agricultural sector (agriculture, livestock, etc., fishery).

Based on the background presented, LPPM BAZNAS explained how they intervened from upstream to downstream processes. The interventions carried out were quite diverse. They were starting from the capital, production, and on the market side. In the following explanation, LPPM BAZNAS explained the mentoring program by LPPM. Inputs from mentoring are livelihood, organizational and spiritual. The program output is economic independence, institutional independence, and spiritual independence. Also, LPPM BAZNAS explained how the stages of the Livestock Center program were carried out.

After the presentation session from both parties took place, the activity ended with a question and answered session by both parties. In conclusion, LPPM BAZNAS welcomed and supported the preparation of the BAZNAS Utilization Program Prototype study.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS