As a further action of the survey that was conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Puskas BAZNAS held a meeting on Monday (19/04/2021). This interesting meeting specifically discussed the results of the Muzaki Perception Survey of the Zakat Collection Strategy based on importance and performance indicators. This meeting was attended by Bapak M. Hasbi Zaenal as Director of Puskas BAZNAS, M. Arifin Purwakananta as President Director of BAZNAS, Agus Siswanto as the Head of the Corporate Zakat Division, and members of Strategic Research II Division of Puskas BAZNAS.

Ali C. Al-Anshory presented the results of the survey that had been conducted by the Puskas BAZNAS. The mapping of this survey was divided based on respondents' perceptions, which were muzaki of non-BAZNAS and muzaki of BAZNAS. There were several indicators that had not matched muzaki’s expectations. In other words, the collection strategy was very important for muzaki, but the performance of BAZNAS still needs to be improved.

This meeting received positive responses and constructive inputs from the audiences. These included the justification for the interpretation of the results and the improvements of the survey format. In the near future, Puskas BAZNAS strives to accommodate these inputs in order to create a good understanding while helping to optimize the priority level of the collection strategy that has been compiled.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS