On Tuesday (20/4/2021), BAZNAS and representative of LPPM STEI Al-Islah Cirebon held a meeting to discuss the OPZ Health Index. This meeting was attended by M. Hasbi Zaenal as Director of Puskas BAZNAS, M. Arifin Purwakananta as President Director of BAZNAS RI, Mokhamad Mahdum as Deputy Chairman of BAZNAS, Danang as Expert Staff of BAZNAS, Gustani as a representative of LPPM STEI Al-Islah, and also attended by the Team of Strategic Research II Division from Puskas BAZNAS.

Hasbi Zaenal chaired the meeting by discussing the design of the OPZ health index compiled by the BAZNAS Puskas as well as asking for inputs from the leaders of BAZNAS and external parties. Among the inputs included efforts to simplify this Level of Healthy Performance of Zakat Institution so that it could be applied by every OPZ, including in a certain region. Hasbi Zaenal closed the meeting by conveying the next step in the design of this research which is conducting the trials for the instrument.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS