Jakarta, (28/04/2021) - The low literacy of zakat in Indonesia is a challenge faced by zakat institutions in Indonesia. This condition is ironic considering that the majority of Indonesians are Muslim. In fact, many people in  Indonesia only know the basic knowledge of zakat; thus, they did not perform zakat properly.

Therefore, BAZNAS Scholarship Institute (LBB) held a research exposure presented by their scholarship awardees. Opened by remarks from Mrs Sri Nurhidayah as the head of LBB, the Zakat-based Community Empowerment Research Exposure presented four scholarship awardees as speakers for this event.

First is Riko Afrimaigus, with a thesis entitled “Improving the Welfare of the Tanah Datar Community through the Community Development Zakat Program (ZCD) from the Perspective of Had Kifayah Theory”. Next is Wisnu Rahdiansyah Nst, who presented the thesis entitled “BAZNAS in North Sumatra Province in Empowering the Economy of the People through the Zakat Fund (Case Study in Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatera Province)”. Third is Risa Sari Pertiwi with the thesis title of Youth Mustahik Empowerment Program and Its Effect on Welfare, and Lastly is Miftahul Achyar, with the thesis title “Evaluation of Zakat-Based Community Empowerment Program in Saung Ilmu Desa Pelakat Muara Enim Regency”. They were also reviewed by Senior Researchers of Puskas BAZNAS, Fahmi Ali Hudaefi and Aisha Putrina Sari to get feedback for their coming research.

The presentation of the research results went well, and the participants enthusiastically asked questions related to their research. Hopefully, with the event that has been conducted, the participants, who are mostly college students, can be motivated to strengthen zakat research in Indonesia to increase public literacy regarding zakat management. Aamiin.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS