The BAZNAS centre for strategic studies has launched the World Zakat Performance Index: A Conceptual Framework, written by the WZF Research and Development. The WZPI book is designed as a measurement tool to evaluate the performance of zakat institutions among their members.  The WZPI aims to provide clear guidelines for zakat authorities and institutions operating under the World Zakat Forum organization to evaluate their performance based on their zakat legal framework, zakat supervision, reporting, collection and distribution.

The book furtherly explains the current practice of zakat administration in different Muslim countries, notably in WZF member countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. This measurement tool was constructed of five dimensions namely Legal Framework, Zakat Supervision, Zakat Reporting, Zakat Collection and Zakat Disbursement.

This book was written by Arwa V Rarasocta SKPm, Astika Rahmah Ghanny SE , Hidayaneu Farchatunnisa SE and lead by Researcher: Abdul Aziz Yahya Saoqi, M.Sc. The author hopes the book will be beneficial for scholars, zakat practitioners and zakat institution to measure the performance of zakat institution. The book is available to download through this link:


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS