Zakat Core Principles are principles that aim to ensure zakat management works effectively. On its development, this principle was later clarified in technical notes which contained technical matters regarding the application of Zakat Core Principles in zakat institutions. Therefore, on Thursday 6 May 2021, Zakat Core Principles Expose: Technical Notes Risk Management was held to socialize the contents of technical notes ZCP 11 to 14. The technical notes consist of Country and Transfer Risk, Reputation Risk and Lack of Confidence, Allocation Risk and Operational Risk. The expose was opened with remarks from the Deputy Chairperson of BAZNAS RI, Mokhamad Mahdum, as well as remarks from Kamaruddin Amin as Director General of Islamic Community Development at the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Ahmad Juwaini as Director of Sharia Social Finance National Committee for Sharia Economics and Finance.

The material explanation of the technical notes was delivered by Ascarya from the Bank Indonesia Institute who is also a member of the International Working Group that formulated the Zakat Core Principle. This topic has invited many questions and answers by the participants which mostly are from zakat institutions across Indonesia as well as academics from various universities. The questions given are generally related to how the technical notes will be implemented and developed in the future. The discussion at this event went well because apart from the explanation from Ascarya, the participants of the ZCP Expose event were actively involved in the discussion and shared their opinions regarding the implementation of the ZCP. By organizing this event, it is hoped that ZCP's technical notes can be widely disseminated and facilitate the application of technical notes.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS