BAZNAS Microfinance synergizes with the Department of Industry and Trade of Malang City to facilitate mustahik partners in financial training, Thursday (24/6). A total of six mustahik partners
participated in this training. This training is the 10th training that has been held and attended by mustahik partner BMD Sawojajar. Previously presented themes were related to marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship (legality, brands, etc.)

Anny Rosidah (41) a mustahik partner of BMD Sawojajar who attended the training said that the training provided was very helpful for her in managing finances. "The training fully helps us in
managing and recording finances, because I am still new in doing financial records, especially business finances. Hopefully, I can always follow this training", said Anny Rosidah. BAZNAS Microfinance in Sawojajar Village is an economic program initiated by BAZNAS to empower micro-enterprises. Currently, 115 micro-entrepreneurs become partners mustahik of Sawojajar BMD.