On Thursday (24/06/2021), the online in-depth interview for the Magelang livestock center has been completed. Present at this online meeting were Mr. Mahdi as interviewee from the breeder, M Sirojatun, Agus Veny, Aulia Latifah and Achmad Salman from LPPM and the Puskas BAZNAS Research Team consisting of Aisha Putrnia, Adhitya Kusuma, and Dita Anggraini.

The purpose of this interview is to explore the mustahik success story from the existence of the Magelang cattle center which has been running for 3 years and to understand the social business process of the livestock center itself. Mr. Mahdi recounted the journey of a breeder who look out and breed hundreds of goats and sheep. On another occasion (Wednesday/June 30, 2021), the companion of the Magelang livestock center, Mr. Dwi, talked stories about the ups and downs and interesting experiences while being a companion. He also provided information on the business process of the Magelang Cattle Center and the group's activities.

The interview went well and smoothly. A lot of information is obtained from the online interviews. Furthermore, Puskas will process and analyze the data and information obtained for the preparation of related studies.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS