On Thursday-Friday, (9-10/9/2021), a meeting for Designing Policy Brief and Mini Book of Regional Zakat Policy Studies was successfully held by Puskas BAZNAS. This collaboration involving two major universities, namely Universitas Darussalam (UNIDA) Gontor and Gunadarma University.

Present on the meeting, Vice Rector III UNIDA Gontor, Mr. Dr. Khoirul Umam, M.Ec. and from Gunadarma University, represented by the Head of the Sharia Economics Study Program, Mr. Dr. Ir. Riskayanto, M.M., M.Ikom. The purpose of this collaboration is to expand Puskas’s networking in encouraging research and studies in the field of zakat in Indonesia. UNIDA Gontor and Gunadarma University are very welcome with the idea.

The study of regional zakat policy regulations is a special study to oversee the issuance of presidential regulations on the obligation to pay zakat by civil servants. The Policy brief and Mini book will discuss regional BAZNAS which already have regional regulations/regional head regulations governing the payment of zakat by civil servants. The publication of the Policy Brief and Mini Book is expected to illustrate the positive impact of these regulations and also as a way to encourage presidential regulations to be enacted regarding imposition of zakat on civil servants.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS