On Friday (10/09/2021), the BAZNAS Centre of Strategic (Puskas BAZNAS) held a discussion on designing a national zakat coordination index online together with the National Committee for Sharia Economics and Finance (KNEKS) and the Ministry of Religious Affairs the Republic of Indonesia (KEMENAG). The purpose of this discussion is to measure the relevance or suitability of the dimensions, variables and indicators of the BAZNAS Coordination Index with BAZNAS operations from the perspective of the main zakat stakeholders and the side of the institution for the acceleration of Islamic economic development. The agenda began with a brief presentation of the overview and objectives of the BAZNAS Coordination Index by the researcher of Puskas BAZNAS, Dr. Qurroh Ayyuniyah, followed by a presentation on the concept of BAZNAS Coordination Index by Puskas BAZNAS researcher, Muhammad Indra Saputra.

The main agenda of the discussion began when researchers from Puskas BAZNAS presented the Coordination Index, from concepts to variables, dimensions, and indicators, and a discussion session with KNEKS and KEMENAG. In the discussion, the Dr Ahmad Juwaini Director of KNEKS shared insightful comments for the project, including the variables, dimensions, indicators, and Likert scale sections. Next, Drs. Tarmizi Tohor and Mr Muhibuddin, S.Fil.I. representatives of KEMENAG also shared their comments on the project from the perspective of the main zakat stakeholders.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS