On Wednesday (22/09/2021), Puskas BAZNAS held a virtual FGD with the Division of Operations, Governance, and Institutional to discuss AZI (Indonesia’s Zakat Architecture) especially on the Institutional and Governance Pillars. The study of Indonesia’s Zakat Architecture has reached the stage of preparing the pillars. The purpose of the establishment of AZI is to become a national zakat roadmap. This discussion aims to obtain feedback and suggestions from internal practitioners of BAZNAS in order to improve AZI by strengthening and developing programs and activities that will be planned for the 2022 - 2026 period.

This activity began with remarks by the Director of the BAZNAS Puskas, Dr. M Hasbi Zaenal and continued with the presentation of material on the preparation of AZI by Nono Hartono as Research Fellow of the BAZNAS Puskas. After the presentation of the material, the activity continued with a discussion session and then ended with a conclusion. This FGD was attended by the Director of the BAZNAS Puskas Dr. M Hasbi Zaenal; Deputy Director of the BAZNAS Puskas, Dr. M. Choirin; Head of Research, Publication, and Partnership Division of BAZNAS Puskas Abdul Aziz YS; Leader, Col. CAJ (Ret.) Drs. Nur Chamdani; Director of Operations of BAZNAS Wahyu Tantular Tunggal Kuncahyo.

On Thursday (23/09/2021), Puskas Baznas continued the FGD related to AZI (Indonesia’s Zakat Architecture) with the Division of Collection which focused on discussing the pillars of collection and then with the Division of Distribution and Utilization which focused on discussing the pillars of distribution. Also attending the event were the Head of the Digital Fundraising Division, BAZNAS Hafiza Elvira Nofitariani, Plt; Retail Fundraising Manager, Fahrudin; Head of the Distribution Division of BAZNAS RI, Ahmad Fikri M.Pd, NLP. ; Head of the Finance Bureau, Dyah Rudati Andayani.