On Thursday (23/09/2021), Puskas BAZNAS and DEKS BI conducted an online FGD in order to discuss the Digital Readiness Index. This event aims to prepare the digital readiness index of zakat institutions to make it easier for muzakki to pay zakat.

The event was attended by Abdul Aziz Yahya Saoqi, Head of the RSPP Division, Puskas BAZNAS; Dr. .Ali Sakti, Assistant Director of DEKS, Bank Indonesia; Ronggo Gundala Yudha, Assistant Director, Payment System Policy Department (DKSP), Bank Indonesia; Muhammad Faris Afif, Charity Lead, Shariah Group of Link Aja; Ginanjar from DKSP BI; Miranda from DEKS BI; and Feri Noor as Assistant Director of DEKS BI.

This event began with remarks by Feri Noor as Assistant Director of DEKS BI then continued with the presentation of the concept of the digital readiness index by Abdul Aziz Yahya Saoqi as Head of the RSPP Division. After the presentation of the material was completed, the event continued with a discussion session with related parties then the event closed with the conclusion of the FGD results