A workshop on Zakat Core Principles Implementation Index was held on Monday (4/10/2021), attended by Bank Indonesia, BAZNAS and West Java BAZNAS. The agenda presented four speakers and had four main sessions. Ita Rulina, Director of Bank Indonesia's Department of Economics and Sharia Finance, delivered the opening remarks, followed by Achmad Faisal, Third Vice Deputy of BAZNAS West Java Province's General Human Resources and Assets.

In the first session moderated by Feri Noor from Bank Indonesia's Department of Economics and Islamic Finance, Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal, Director of BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies (Puskas BAZNAS), discussed Zakat Core Principles Implementation. The topic discussed the principles, methodology for preparations, regulatory aspects, dimensions, and implementation of the Zakat Core Principles in Indonesia.

The second session was moderated by Ali Sakti from Bank Indonesia's Department of Economics and Islamic Finance. The session discuss about Sharia Supervisory Institutions in Zakat Management. During the workdshop, Professor Muhammad Amin Suma from the Commission Fatwa of MUI was hoping that the realization of zakat governance in Indonesia can be better, has adequate professionalism and gain public trust, so that zakat could optimally improve welfare and become blessings for the community 

Puskas BAZNAS Vice Director Muhammad Choirin, the third session's speaker, discussed sharia compliance in zakat management. This third session focuses on sharia governance in zakat management and the application of sharia compliance in zakat management using the ZCP implementation index. In this session, Muhammad Indra Saputra from Puskas BAZNAS RI served as moderator.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS