On Tuesday (5/10/2021) Puskas BAZNAS represented by Dr. Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal Puskas BAZNAS director, Hidayaneu Farchatunnisa, Arwa Violaditya R and Ulfah Lathifah Puskas BAZNAS Researchers attended Focus Group Discussion on Zakat, Infaq and Sadaqa Utilization for Mustahik Houses. The FGD was held by the Directorate General of Housing, Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR). This FGD was held offline at the Royal Hotel Padjajaran Bogor, and online through the Zoom Meeting platform.

The FGD activity was begun with an opening speech by the Housing Implementation System and Strategy Director of PUPR and continued with the first session. The first topic in the first session was delivered by the chairman of BAZNAS Bogor City who discussed the Best Practices for Utilization of Zakat, Infaq and Alms Funds in the Livable Home program for MBR. The second topic was delivered by the Professor of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah who shared his review about Utilization and Management of Zakat Funds for Mustahik. The last topic was delivered by the Director of Puskas BAZNAS who discussed the role of BAZNAS in supporting the development of the housing sector in Indonesia.

The second session discussed the follow-up plan for the cooperation between BAZNAS and PUPR in providing houses for Mustahik. Also present during the session were the Head of Legal and Institutional Division of BAZNAS, the chairman of BAZNAS Bandung City, the chairman of BAZNAS Bandung Regency, the chairman of BAZNAS Bogor Regency, Dr. Oni Sahroni and the General Directorate of Housing, Ministry of PUPR.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS