On Monday (11/10/2021), the Puskas BAZNAS conducted a discussion on designing a national zakat coordination index online with BAZNAS Leaders, National Coordination Division of BAZNAS, Planning and Development Division (Renbang) BAZNAS. The purpose of this discussion is to measure the relevance or suitability of the dimensions, variables, and indicators of the BAZNAS Coordination Index within BAZNAS's operational activities from the perspective of the current condition of coordination between zakat institutions. The series of events began with a brief presentation of the concept and objectives of BAZNAS Coordination Index by Puskas BAZNAS researchers, Dr Qurroh Ayyuniyah and Muhammad Indra Saputra.

The main agenda of the discussion began when researchers from Puskas BAZNAS presented the Coordination Index, from concepts to variables, dimensions and indicators followed by discussion sessions with leaders and related fields. During the discussion, KH. Ahmad Sudrajat, Lc, MA, as the Head of BAZNAS who are in charge of the coordination between zakat institutions, provided some valuable input for the BAZNAS Coordination Index, starting from the variables, dimensions, indicators and Likert scale sections. The discussion session continued with Mr Romidi and Mrs Sarniti, who share their views on the index based on the current condition of zakat institutions coordination.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS