On Friday (8/10/2021), Zakat Sukses Academy invited Aisha Putrina Sari as a Senior Researcher from Puskas BAZNAS to explain the concepts of IZN (Indeks Zakat Nasional) and KDZ (Kajian Dampak Zakat) through Zoom meeting. Started with reading Al Kahf together, the event attended by all amil in LAZ Zakat Sukses Depok.

The training which lasted for an hour and a half went smoothly. IZN and KDZ are one of the measuring tools developed by Puskas in 2016. The aim of these measurement tools are to evaluate the management of zakat in Indonesia. With this measuring tools, every zakat management organization will know whether their zakat performance is good or bad.

The implementation of IZN and KDZ has also been carried out in stages since 2016. Initially, the IZN and KDZ measurements were only carried out to the Provincial BAZNAS. But since 2020, all zakat management organizations in Indonesia, both BAZNAS and LAZ at various levels, have also participated in filling out the IZN and KDZ questionnaires.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS